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Marinades FAQs
  1. How should I store Unico marinades?  What do I do with the liquid?
  2. How can I use Sundried Tomatoes?
  3. What is a caper?
  4. How do I use Capers?

Q1. How should I store Unico marinades?  What do I do with the liquid?
Ans. After opening, place them in the fridge, tightly sealed, until you are ready to serve them again. Upon serving the marinades, drain the liquid but reserve it so that you may put the leftover marinade back in the jar with the liquid to retain its quality.  Marinades that are stored without their liquid over a long period of time will dry and lose flavor.

Q2.  How can I use Sundried Tomatoes?
Ans. Sundried tomatoes are an excellent addition to any antipasto tray. They are superb on sandwiches and pizza. Try them in pasta and rice dishes. Bake them in breads.

Q3.  What is a caper?
Ans.   Capers are cured buds of wild bushes that grow all over the Mediterranean. Unlike many foods, which are nearly impossible to find in their wild surroundings, capers are still harvested in a wild state. The plants are very thorny and they grow up and down hillsides, especially in weird little rock crevices. A typical plant produces only about ten pounds of buds in a good year.

Q4.  How do I use Capers?
Ans.  Capers are the most versatile ingredients around. They are good on almost anything, but they are particularly good with seafood. Capers are well suited to any dishes featuring anchovies, tuna or sardines. They are a must for vitello tonnato, the tuna sauce, and they make a nice garnish for salmon, both fresh & smoked. Capers are also an excellent way to add life to salads of all sorts.