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Olive Oil
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Olive Oil

• When using olive oil in salad, always start with an amount that is smaller than what you actually need, then add more to taste.  Olive oil is renowned for its flavor and a little goes a long way.

• When preparing pasta, try something new and skip the usual tomato or cream sauces; opt for an olive oil toss instead.  Simply sauté vegetables and herbs of your choice in a generous amount of olive oil and add cooked pasta to the mixture.  Transfer your dish to a platter; add a dash of cheese and freshly ground pepper and it's ready to eat!

• Keep a bottle of olive oil on your kitchen table instead of butter or margarine.  It makes a great addition to many dishes and you will find that you will end up using less than you would butter or margarine.  Olive oil is an excellent accompaniment to vegetables, dense breads etc.